PE Wax

Product Specification

MaterialPE WAX
Melting Point104-115
Packaging Size25
Grade StandardLE 114 & 115
BrandVisco WAx
Packaging TypeBag

Polyethylene Waxes

VISCOWAX® is a well known brand of waxes, produced at Innospec’s high pressure polymerization and wax oxidization plants in Leuna, Germany.

Used in a many applications to improve processing and end product properties, the range includes:

·         PE-waxes that offer a broad range of hardness, viscosity and melting points for diverse requirements: VISCOWAX® 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 122, 123, 124, 126

·         Oxidized PE-waxes for use in polar plastics, such as PVC and for use in water-based wax emulsions: VISCOWAX® 253, 252, 272, 271, 262, 261
PE-waxes provide the following properties:

·        Melting temperatures

·        Structure, crystallinity, melting heat

·       Crystallization temperature and heat

·       Melt viscosity

·       Polarity, reactivity

·       Chemical inertness

·       Hardness

·       Gloss

·       Dispersability

·       Emulsification

·       Adhesion

·       Hydrophobic properties

·       Thermostability

·       Film forming.

These properties enable PE-waxes to provide important functions, including:

·         Lubricating – offering both internal and external lubrication due to decreased friction

·         Wetting and dispersing – low viscosity enables VISCOWAX®  to wet pigments or additives easily, resulting in higher dispersion quality

·         Surface modifying – for improved hydrophobing, sealing, smoothness, gloss, matting, slip, anti-blocking, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and mar resistance in coatings and printing inks

·         Retention / rheology – to produce pastes for polishes or adjust rheological properties in coating formulations

·         Release / parting – inert, non-sticky films formed and used as mould release agents

·         Viscosity adjustment – reduction of viscosity to assist final product processing.


VISCOWAX® products are produced using polymerization, based on the relevant monomers, opposed to waxes, which are produced by a degradation process.VISCOWAX® waxes are of consistently high quality and deliver exacting specifications and high thermal stability.